Operational Analysis

it ain't right!

Sometimes you know it ain't right! You have process, your business does stuff, but something just doesn't seem to sit right. Maybe a process is not working, maybe the staff are not working.

The best way to get to the crux of the matter is to do some Operational Analysis to map the current, document the desired and find the gaps to fix those 'not quite right' areas.

The best way to do this is to get in a fresh set of eyes. To overview what's happening and help identify the gaps and design solutions to fix the issues. The fresh eyes can also help design and implement the change solution with your team and yourself.

Why a fresh set of eyes? Well we've all heard of the saying "can't see the forest for the trees"! When you are working in your business and too far invested in the outcomes, we can lose sight of the intent and goals we are aiming for. 

Fresh eyes helps the business owner and the staff understand where they have gone off track. The third party can then work with the team to get back on track and back to focusing on the goals and outcomes originally set.


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