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Top 5 Reasons to Engage my services!

Experience: With over 30 years experience in all facets of Supply Chain I have a detailed and broad understanding of all functions within the Supply Chain space. I have also worked in a variety of industries and engaged or been part of the various functions within a business.

Analysis: Business improvement initiatives, or even efforts to resolve a specific problem, can often entail the need for analysis of data, systems and process. I am adept at digging around in the grey areas to find the opportunities to make improvements. Moreover, I can often do so in less time than it would take to acquire the information internally and apply some supply chain logic to it to make it more relevant to the current need.

To Solve Problems: Complex supply chain problems can be hard to identify, let alone solve with internal resources alone. Those within your company may simply be too close to the operation to see the issues. I can examine your supply chain from an objective, impartial standpoint, which often leads to more accurate problem-identification and more effective solutions.

Action: Once a problem is identified, there may be several possible solutions. I can help evaluate all possible solutions and make objective recommendations as to which will be most cost-effective. Using my services for this purpose can be especially beneficial when possible actions may be politically sensitive or unpopular. Recommendations from external specialists may be received with less resistance than those originating from within.

Implementation: Once solutions have been identified it can be helpful to retain consultants through implementation, especially for more complex projects. I have many years of project management experience to enable internal resource to implement suggested improvements and set up for continued BAU.

Other reasons to use my services include:

  • To augment or act as a substitute for permanent internal resources
  • To introduce new ideas, methodologies, and best practices into a supply chain organisation
  • To facilitate internal learning and provide workshops or training courses.

Of course engaging a management consulting company isn’t always something done out of absolute necessity. It can often be advantageous to avail of consulting services even if internal resources are readily available to simply offer a third person view.Happy to chat over coffee to see how I can help.

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