i don't need customers!

"Far too busy to advertise, haven't got the time to do the whole social media thing!"

"I have plenty of customers. I don't need anymore!"

Yeah well that's today, but what about tomorrow?Since the GFC in 2008 we've had the Christchurch Earthquakes, Pike River Mine Explosion, Eketahuna Earthquake, Kaikoura Earthquake, Christchurch Mosque shootings and Covid-19 to name a few significant events that have impacted business and financial stability for many.

So yes, you may well be busy now, but you need to plan for the future. You may be busy relying on 1 or 2 key clients, what if one of them goes under or pulls the pin, then what?

You may not need to market daily/weekly etc but you may need to at least weekly or monthly make your presence felt to be sure people know you are there. A monthly blog and a weekly post is all it takes.

Be sure to have an ongoing marketing plan, even if minor, just make sure it's regular and relevant.


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